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Getting Fit For Your Challenge Trek

May 23, 2023|Advice and support

This guest post has been written by Nicola Poole of Inspired Coaching. My Trip In 2017, I took part in The Different Travel Company’s India Trek and Tiger Experience for Cats Protection. I can’t believe it was nearly 5 years ago as I have such fond memories and made friends with people I still see today. […]

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On top of the World with Born Free!

May 9, 2023|Charity Posts

Newton Simiya from Born Free Kenya joined us on our Mt Kenya trek with Olympian Sally Gunnel. Here is an excerpt from his blog about his travels: Summit Day: We were all up at 2am, dressed in summit gear and ready to tackle the remaining 3km climb to Point Lenana, then 3km back down to Mackinder […]

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Different Travel sponsors The Bluetits Chill Swimmers

October 25, 2022|Trips

Bluetits We have had a great season supporting the Bluetits Chill Swimmers with their activities in recent months with their swimming weekends; we would love more people to experience the thrill of taking the plunge. We are delighted to be sponsoring 20 entries for the Southampton Bluetits winter challenge. This challenge supports people who might […]

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Coping with working from home

April 8, 2020|Being Different|Advice and support

The Different Travel Company has been operating from home for over a decade. During this unprecedented time where many people find themselves working from home for the first time, we thought we’d share some of our pearls of wisdom on how to cope. Watch our video… 

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Top 7 travel tips – Things not to forget before you go

May 7, 2019|Top travel tips

When you’re getting ready to go on a trip it feels like there are a thousand things to prepare. You’ve got your kit together, you know where your passport is, you know how you’re getting to the airport but why do you feel like you’re still forgetting something? I have compiled my top 7 travel […]

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What makes Different Travel different?

April 30, 2019|Being Different

How did it all begin? On 26th December 2004, a post-Christmas slumber was disturbed by a satellite call from the cruise ship for which our founder, Sarah Burgess, planned itineraries. The call informed of a massive earthquake and tsunami that hit South-East Asia. The next few days were a whirlwind of re-routing, planning and taking […]

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Top 4 ways to travel responsibly

November 22, 2018|Top travel tips

When we travel we become a guest in the destination. Like all good guests we believe it’s right to be respectful and open-minded so here are our top 4 ways to travel responsibly. Do your research. Research your destination and its culture especially the language, religion, travel safety advisories and travel health. In addition, delve […]

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