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Staying inclusive in the outdoor industry

June 10, 2024

inclusive group of women
A recent article in the New York Times has talked about the shocking abuse some women have faced in the climbing community. While we are shocked and appalled by the harrowing details of their experiences, we appreciate there is still a lot that needs to be done across the outdoor industry as a whole.

While we are only a small cog in that machine, in response to this article. we wanted to reassure you about how we are helping women to experience the great outdoors in a safe, inclusive, environment.

Different Travel – did you know?

Here are a few facts about DTC that you might not know:

  • The day-to-day running of DTC is 100% women-led. It will be another woman on the end of the phone or replying to your emails!
  • 77% of our tour managers are women.
  • The majority of our participants are women.
  • An increasing number of our in-country local guides are now women.
  • We work with trusted local agents who are required to comply with our health and safety requirements.
  • All participants are required to sign a statement agreeing to conduct themselves in a respectful, safe and appropriate manner.

We are a group of independent women who strive to share our expertise so other women can experience the beauty and thrill of adventure travel across the globe. That being said, we aim to offer safe and enjoyable experiences for ALL.

Being inclusive

At DTC we believe adventure is for everyone, regardless of gender, colour, creed, sexual orientation, or anything else. We believe in inclusivity and stand against any form of abuse, discrimination or prejudice and warmly welcome individuals from all walks of life.

Our groups feature people from all backgrounds and are a truly special way todiscover a new destination or further explore a firm favourite. You not only create new memories but share them with like-mined individuals who will become friends for life. We will always prioritize a supportive and respectful environment for ALL our participants on our tours.

Meet the team behind Different Travel or find out more about our Responsible Tourism Policy.

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