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Challenging to Extreme

Our trips graded ‘challenging to extreme’ are the toughest treks we offer. You can find more details about what each challenge entails on the individual trip page but typically a ‘challenging to extreme’ trip may include one, or all, of the following specific challenges:

  • Very high altitude
  • Basic living conditions
  • Extremes of climate (e.g. very hot or cold)
  • Very physically demanding terrain or activity
  • A long duration trip
  • Little or no access to showers or flushing toilets
  • And more…


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Tanzania: Trek Kilimanjaro 2024

3rd Oct 2024 - 12th Oct 2024

10 days /Tanzania /Challenging to Extreme

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Conquer Kilimanjaro with St Michael’s Hospice Hereford

16th Oct 2025 - 26th Oct 2025

11 days /Tanzania /Challenging to Extreme

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The Poppleton Centre Trek to Everest

18th Oct 2025 - 2nd Nov 2025

16 days /Nepal /Challenging to Extreme

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Nepal: Everest Base Camp 2025

8th Nov 2025 - 23rd Nov 2025

16 days /Nepal /Challenging to Extreme

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