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Project Trips

Do something different and make a difference on one of our project trips. You can find more details about what each challenge entails on the individual trip page but typically a project trip may include one, or all, of the following specific elements:

  • Gardening, basic building, digging, painting, cleaning and other hands-on tasks
  • Rural location
  • Simple tools and equipment
  • Different climates to what you may be used to
  • Physically demanding
  • A short to medium duration trip
  • Little or no access to showers or flushing toilets
  • Hotel, guesthouse or camping accommodation (or a combination)
  • And more…


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Baraka Zambia Volunteer Trip Autumn 2024

20th Sep 2024 - 1st Oct 2024

12 days /Zambia /Project Trip

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Baraka Build Trip November 2024

1st Nov 2024 - 10th Nov 2024

10 days /Zambia /Project Trip

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Rebuild Morocco with Baraka 2025

25th Mar 2025 - 1st Apr 2025

8 days /Morocco /Project Trip

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