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Terms and Conditions

These booking conditions and the Essential Travel Information will form the basis of your agreement with The Different Travel Company Ltd (DTC). They apply only to arrangements which you book with Us and which We agree to make, provide or perform as applicable as part of Our agreement with you.
By booking with DTC, you agree to be bound by these Booking Conditions.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these Booking Conditions or your booking.

Please note that we may make changes to these Booking Conditions from time to time, either to reflect changes to our business or changes to the law. Where these changes are significant, we will endeavour to e-mail all of our customers to make sure that they are informed of these.

We updated our Booking Conditions on 19 April 2024. Our updated Booking Conditions shall apply to all Bookings made on or after this date. If you have previously booked an Event with us, please be aware these may have changed since you last reviewed them. Please note that our updated Booking Conditions shall not apply to Bookings made before 19 April 2024 and our previous Booking Conditions as applicable at the time of Booking shall continue to apply. Our current Booking Conditions and previous versions can be found below.

Current Terms & Conditions:

Revised 04/2024

Previous Booking Conditions:

Revised 04/2023
Revised 12/2022
Revised 01/2020
Revised 05/2018