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Read our testimonials to see what some of the travellers who have joined us on our challenges think about their experiences…


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“We thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and the internet notes and extra information we were given before hand were really helpful and ensured we were thoroughly prepared and equipped for the trip. The whole trip consisted of such a variety of activities and no day was the same, keeping us busy and entertained throughout. There was a good mixture of challenging and more relaxing days, so we did not get too tired during our trip.”

“The whole trip was a real experience for us, we enjoyed every moment of it. It was great to see the Orang-utans in the wild, especially seeing the baby swinging from the trees. I also enjoyed our river cruises, spotting monkeys in the trees and crocodiles in the river!”

“I loved the trip from start to finish – great group of people. Would love to do it again.”

“Best trip of my life.”

“It was all so memorable. From minute one it was exciting.”

“Many superb memories to last a lifetime.”

“The whole experience was superb. The whole team were amazing and some great new friends made”

“Thought it was ace! Am so pleased I did it.”

Describe an experience you won’t forget: “Meals in Kathmandu were really interesting; the flight to Lukla; the people on the trek.”

The trek was a once in a lifetime opportunity and was memorable from start to finish. To reach Everest Base Camp was amazing. I would love to go on another trip with The Different Travel Company in future

I had the trip of a lifetime. I loved every minute of it. Kathmandu was an amazing experience but on day 2 of trekking we started to get stunning views of the enormous peaks and they just got better. Hot chocolate at the Everest View Hotel with the impressive peak of Ama Dablam peering through the clouds was pretty special

“I had a great time, met a great group of people and everyone was so helpful and friendly.”

“The entire run was an incredible experience – I couldn’t get over the support from the locals and the atmosphere. Being able to complete the race was exhilarating.”

“The challenge was very enjoyable and a great experience.”

“Camping at the wall was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed the challenge.”

“A highlight was visiting the homes where the villagers live and having their culture, way of life and customs explained by our guide.”

“Walking the wall was an amazing thing to do and I absolutely loved it.”

“Yes trip was amazing. Memorable parts were the excellent support from the Chinese family and sharing their houses and also Stony and Neil who were professional and great fun to be with”

“It was an unbelievable experience”

“Excellent trip – all moments memorable”

“This was my first trip of this kind and I enjoyed every second of it. Different Travel were very welcoming and informative ”

“I loved the trip, it was life changing and I am definitely going to do another one.”

“It was certainly something I’ll never forget. The project side of things was very rewarding and the trekking was a personal challenge that I met head on. There were many entertaining moments, most of them pee and poo related! The group bonded well and some lasting friendships were formed.”

“The camping experience was fantastic (and I am not a huge fan of camping!). The food was particularly impressive and the spots chosen to stay each night were beautiful”

“The plan for the trek was changed slightly to enable us to camp at the summit and enjoy the views/sunset/sunrise, rather than walk straight back down again. This was absolutely the right decision and I’m really pleased that call was made because I felt we got so much more from the experience because of it”

“The trip was very enjoyable with too many memorable moments to mention! ”

“I loved it! Fantastic experience. I loved the snow day “

“India for the first time – masses of people, dilapidation, rubbish and dirt everywhere but still very interesting and a good experience!”

“I enjoy trekking and travel and could also use my experience at the project”

“Being in Kolkata for durga puja and seeing the elaborate pandals that had been built around the city was certainly a highlight, as was the seemingly endless tide of yellow, Ambassador taxis that seemed so quintessentially Indian. Seeing Everest, albeit far in the distance, was fantastic and tea-tasting in Darjeeling opened the door the delights of the different flavours (no longer just a choice between PG Tips and Tetleys!). However, my guilty pleasure from the trip was to indulge myself in the colonial opulence that still somehow survives the hustle and bustle of Modern India – namely the Grand Hotel in Kolkata and the Windermere Hotel in Darjeeling.”

“I took part in the Different Travel Kilimanjaro challenge and it was one of the best ‘holidays’ I’ve ever had. A group of us spending 3 days working at a local school, building desks, planting seedlings, painting, and of course interacting with the children. After we had completed our volunteering, we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro (and made it to the summit!) to raise money for our chosen charities.
It was a fantastic trip; so well organised and the guides were really helpful. I would definitely recommend Different Travel for challenges.”

“The Kilimanjaro Challenge was an amazing opportunity to raise money for a good cause. Doing something which really pushed myself to my limits meant everyone else was encouraged to dig really deep to support me. In the end I managed to get a lot more for Action for M.E. than I would have been able to do otherwise, which was great news for me as well as the charity and all the people they help!”

“The trip was a once in a lifetime experience, it was great to have so much variety in what we were doing in Tanzania. The days spent on the community project allowed us to get a real feel for the area as well as making a difference to the community in which we were staying. When it came to the climb itself it was definitely the hardest thing I had ever done, but by pushing myself and working as part of a team not only did I achieve something amazing but I learnt a lot about myself and had a really enjoyable time. The experience will stay with me forever.”

“The whole trip was fantastic and would recommend it to anybody.”

“The guides were excellent and very supportive.”

“It was a fantastic trek and the involvement with the community project was certainly an experience I will never forget. I have been able to learn more about aspects of the Nepalese way of life. Painting the school was such a pleasure and we were made so welcome.”

“I enjoyed the trip emmensely. The challenge of the trek, the sights, the views. The experience of the project and interaction with the children is something I will never forget. The cameraderie between the trekkers was brill.”

“I totally enjoyed this experience. It has been above and beyond my expectations. The community project was a once in a lifetime experience. We were treated like VIPs and I really feel I have helped the community in a small way and left my mark on Nepal. I will never forget the kindness and hospitality shown to us and the excitement of the beautiful children. Thank you.”

“Absolutely loved it. Loads of memories – amazed by the forest, the monkies we saw, the absolutely mental Kathmandu, the trek team just how wonderful they truly were.”

“The trip was fantastic helped by the wonderful weather had for the entire holiday. Many memorable moments hard to single out one in particular.”

“I had the most amazing time, all of it very memorable.”

“The scenery was spectacular and I really enjoyed the trekking, we had many Julie Andrew moments.”

“I had a great time!”

“The guide was excellent she knew the area/walks exceptionally well and went out of her way to arrange outings/visits for us.”

“The whole trip was an experience I will never forget. An entertaining moment? Falling into the snow and getting stuck!”

“The whole experience has been something I will never forget. I’m glad it was as challenging as it was – it really made the experience.”

“Everything went very smoothly and it was very well organised.”

“Fantastic experience. Lots of laughter, skeletons in the desert and some romance too! Highlights include sitting on a dune at sunset and waking up looking at a camel!”

“I loved every moment of the trip; the company, the guides, the challenge (most of the time!), sleeping under the stars, good food.”

“The guides and our group made the experience all the more better.”

“The whole thing was fantastic. Great value for money and our guide was fantastic.”

“The organisation, value for money and info provided was fantastic and far more than adequate to help me prepare”.

“The whole thing was fantastic.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the trek, it was every bit as challenging as I expected.”

“Very professional and well organised.”

“Fantastic local guides – really friendly and couldn’t do enough for us.”

“Excellent overall.”

“The whole thing was amazing.”

“Fantastic experience.”

“Really enjoyed it.”

“The trip was awesome as we all pulled together as a team should in tough times and had fun along the way. My memorable moments were teaching the Moroccans the ‘Hokey Cokey’ in camp and trekking through the sandstorm!”

“The trip was absolutely amazing! I would definitely do it all over again if I had the chance!”

“Best experience ever. When asked about the trip words simply can’t describe it. Life changing.”

“There are too many unforgettable moments to mention. From the stunning landscapes to the wildlife and the people who were on the trip. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the trek.”

“A ‘life’ experience. Very well organised by all involved.”

“it was brilliant. I really enjoyed the community project and it was good to feel that we’d done something genuinely ‘useful’ and that had made a difference. That whole experience was brilliant. The children and how they responded to what we did was really touching.”

“I would do the trip again tomorrow, and had enough energy to do a few more days trekking. Doing the project gave our trip more meaning. I had three memorable moments. 1. When we stopped and looked across at our challenge ahead and the minibus driver played his Peruvian whistle! 2. The hot shower the hot springs. Bliss!! 3. The power of fear when I crossed the land slide!!! And I’m no good with heights.”

“I have been proud to call myself part of this amazing team, who have never stopped laughing, working, supporting each other and giving to the local community.”

“The most amazing experience ever! The most challenging Trek ever. Fantastic group. When the going got tough there were no complaints, just a great team spirit. Laughed all the way up and down Mount Fansipan. Vietnam is just lovely.”

“This is an AMAZING experience. You have to come to Vietnam. Fansipan peak is a must for everyone! This is a beautiful country and people are great.”

“It was a challenge and it certainly was an experience! ”

“The ride after crossing the Cambodian border was amazing. Scenery and locals made it unforgettable.”

“Totally unforgettable experience.”

“Overall, it was an absolutely fantastic trip. There were too many memorable moments to mention.”

“My first long haul in a long time -superb, thank you! Very well organised too and Loos in villages were all part of the experience! Again – so well organised and just brilliant! I have recommended you to numerous friends and colleagues already. I am open to possibilities of ‘where next!’ Everest base camp and the Himalayas are ultimate dreams for me.”

“I LOVED it!!!!! The best part for me was trekking and staying with the hill tribes. The wildlife too – by the end of day one I was known as the Bug Lady… I could not have done the mountain climb without the rest of the guys – I’d been ill in the night so felt horrendous… They split my pack amongst themselves, some stayed with me, carried my water etc (a guide stayed at the back and Jude from DT was amazing!)… I owe one of the best days trekking-wise to them, they honestly pulled me through. I wasn’t the only one to have a bad day, but everyone pulled together amazingly.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, it was fantastic experience that exceeded my expectations. The highlights were the food, the guides, the group, the homestays, the day we went up and over the mountain, gate crashing 2 weddings and visiting the residents of the centre at Ba Vi.”

“All of it was fantastic never to be forgotten.”

“Wow what a trip! Seriously life changing. Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful experience for us all!”

“Different Travel enabled us to achieve such a fantastic and rewarding Zambian adventure. It was indeed a very humbling and unbelievable journey for me and also a privilege to be part of that unique experience.”

“It was the best trip ever! Our group was just so wonderful and we all got along fine! Every day there were lots of laughs and giggling and strong friendships have been founded.”

“The whole thing was fantastic! The Hippo’s and Crocs up close are amazing. The camp fire evenings under the stars singing and dancing with the locals was a nice addition and I will remember, Sean, Scott, Melvin, Titus and the other guides for the rest of my life. I plan on keeping in contact with all of them and hope to see them again.”

“It was the most fantastic trip I have ever had – made so by the care we were given. We were so well looked after! Lots of memorable moments – sleeping on the sand under the stars, meeting fantastic people, riding the rapids knowing we were in safe hands, seeing the hippos in their territory, walking with lions, feeding the elephants (an extra they put on because we couldn’t do 3 days rafting) ‘numpty’ nominations where we shared the silly things people did or said and they had to wear a dummy necklace the next day! (Becki’s idea) and the list goes on.”

“The trip was excellent, well organised, safe and the staff were very attentive. There were many memorable moments particularly the elephant visit, the Rhino walking, the white water rafting, camping under the stars on the beaches, hiking out of the gorge, the mini safari seeing loads of animals like Giraffes, elephants, buffaloes etc.”