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Corporate challenges

Fancy organising a trip for your workplace? Want your colleagues to bond over a challenge that will test their limits and get you working towards a common goal? Or perhaps your company would like to do something amazing for charity and achieve your CSR goals?

We can help with all of the above! Whether you know exactly what you want and just need us to organise it, or if need some ideas, we can help you put something together.

Our corporate challenges are totally flexible. You choose the destination, duration, activities involved (e.g. trekking, community project, cycling, sightseeing etc.), type of accommodation and even how many meals are included.

We will of course offer our expert guidance on the best options available, but ultimately it’s your trip to discover so you decide what to do!

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For corporate groups, we would ensure your trip is bespoke and tailored to what you want, as such we can offer any trip you like to virtually any overseas destination!

One of the things which makes The Different Travel Company different is the fact that we are able to arrange for your trip to include some time assisting at or visiting a project in the destination country (if this is of interest). If possible, we will do our best to link a project with the work of your organisation. For example, if you are a group of health care professionals, we could link you with some of our fantastic hospice care projects. Of course, there is no requirement to include a project so just get in touch and we can put  together a trip for you that suits your time frame, departure dates, budget and itinerary. We offer competitive prices which are flexible depending on your requirements.

However, if you prefer, you may instead arrange for your group to join one of our open challenges. Our open challenges have a set itinerary and departure date and anyone (including small groups) can join. Check out our open challenges page for more details.

For our corporate challenges you only need to recruit 10 people for the trip to go ahead. As long as you are willing and able to actively promote the challenge with our support, you will have no problems reaching the minimum of 10 participants required.

As much as you like! The more details you provide, the quicker we can help create the perfect itinerary for you! Things to consider include:

  • Your concept/idea/theme
  • Your chosen destination
  • Month of departure
  • How challenging?
  • Would you like a project?
  • What is the group demographic (e.g. age/gender)?
  • Any corporate objectives?
  • Have you done an overseas trip before?
  • If yes, where and was it successful?

If your organisation has CSR objectives, helping with a project is a great way to interact with the local community and learn the culture and customs of the people as well as making a difference to the lives of others. Getting involved at a project allows participants to see first hand the difference that can be made if people work together. And it’s a chance to give a little something back to the communities who welcome us so warmly.

Project work is also an opportunity to help a group bond as days spent at a project allows a team to get to know one another (if done prior to the physical activity – trek/cycle etc), or enjoy the final days of each other’s company before going home (if done after the physical activity). Another benefit for participants is where in certain destinations a group are taking on an extreme challenge, it allows the opportunity for rest or acclimatisation prior to the physical challenge or a chance to unwind if the project takes place after their challenge.

If you’re planning on fundraising for your trip to support a charity of your choice, it will also…

  • mean we can tailor the project to match the aims of your chosen charity.
  • It can also inspire your staff to get more engaged with the company CSR objectives.
  • avoid ‘free holiday’ syndrome, whereby participants find it hard to overcome the impression that their sponsors are simply paying for them to have a free holiday.
  • encourage local media interest which is often greater when there is a non-local angle on the story and can help fundraising participants increase potential sponsorship income.

If you, or your organisation have a link with a project overseas this can often be the ideal place to start. If not and you would like to include a project element, we have links with many local charities and NGOs throughout the world and can usually find one to suit your interests or requirements.

The projects we offer vary from country to country. They might include helping with local construction; refurbishment of a school, library or home for elderly people; teaching English to orphaned children; sharing job skills with isolated communities; conservation or rehabilitation of endangered wild animals; or planting an organic vegetable garden. Get in touch for specific ideas in your chosen destination.

All our pricing varies depending on the destination and the elements you would like to include in the itinerary. Our pricing is competitive and on a sliding scale from a minimum of only 10 participants depending upon the tour.

For a no-obligation quote please contact us with your ideas on

We don’t levy any charges or fees to provide you with a quote for a bespoke trip or when you confirm a trip with us. We offer you the best price we can for the trip you want on a sliding scale from 10+ passengers.

By not charging you any fees to work with us, we have an added incentive to make the trip work because if the trip is a success for you it is also a success for us!

There are plenty of companies which offer adventure travel trips and charity events for corporate groups, and you may have even worked or travelled with them in previous years. So what would be the benefit to you of arranging a trip with The Different Travel Company? Well, we believe there are several advantages:

  • We are a small, dedicated and flexible company which offer a personal service and excellent support to our participants and partners.
  • As an ATOL-bonded tour operator, you know you can trust our organisation and you are ATOL-protected abroad.
  • All our staff are experienced travellers and have a passion for overseas adventures.
  • Having the unique opportunity to help at community and environmental projects as well as taking on a physical challenge (see above for reasons why this is a great advantage).
  • We offer advice on how to make your trip carbon neutral, which makes them ethical and sustainable.
  • Where possible, we work with smaller local agents in our destinations to support local businesses and often use the same expert local guides year on year who have lots of experience with our groups.
  • As well as being led by expert local guides, each trip is accompanied by a UK Different Travel Tour Manager who will ensure the trip operates as smoothly as possible.
  • We offer a range of marketing support services for your challenge, and we aim to help you to make the challenge a success for you, for us, and for the local community.
  • You will also have a dedicated account manager so you know who to turn to for advice and help with your trip.

There are several advantages to choosing a bespoke trip rather than an open challenge:

  • We offer a free place for your company representative in our costs on bespoke trips.
  • You choose when, where, how long and what’s included on the challenge.
  • Participants will all be from your organisation and if applicable, supporting your charity and fundraising for a common cause. This gives them a great group bond and if you’re fundraising, can mean that sponsorship targets are exceeded because participants support each other in their fundraising efforts too.
  • Participants are usually based in the same general location so are able to meet, get to know one another better and train prior to departure which allows them to bond.
  • During the trip the participants have the company/charity in common so it can be easy to motivate anyone who is having an ‘off day’ by reminding the group the cause that they are there supporting.
  • We offer you a range of extra marketing support not available on our open challenges such as an information evening and a pre-departure presentation to help you recruit and support your participants.
  • Like our open challenges there is no financial risk so by offering a bespoke challenge, you won’t be putting your company in any financial risk.

This is entirely up to you! Whether or not you ask your colleagues to raise money for charity as part of funding for their trip is down to your discretion and your requirements. If you decide that you would like to fundraise we can certainly offer you guidance and provide you with tips and ideas. However, there is absolutely no obligation for this and we can operate a range of trips for organisations who are simply looking to offer their teams an adventure overseas.

We offer a very flexible support package to meet your needs and the needs of your organisation. At the very least we will provide you with print-ready information materials such as trip dossiers and copy for newsletters if required. We also provide tips on how to effectively market the challenge and advice on how to convert enquiries to bookings if you need to recruit participants. Of course, if you already have a group of 10 or more colleagues who are committed to joining the challenge then you do not need to worry about recruiting participants and can just enjoy your training and look forward to your adventure together!

In addition we provide information evenings where we give an informative presentation about the experience and we also provide a pre-departure meeting which goes into detail about the trip, what to expect, what to pack and a general feel for the experience with your confirmed group. As we are a small flexible company, if there is anything you would like us to provide which we haven’t offered, we are open to suggestions and always willing to do our best to accommodate your requests.

If you are fundraising, we can also help with fundraising ideas and payment options for your participants, such as part self-funding, part sponsorship. This can all be discussed with your account manager to ensure the best solution for you and your team.

Our corporate challenges can include all aspects of the tour from flights and accommodation to permits and guides. We offer a full pre-departure package which includes specialist advice on what participants need to take on the trip, advice on travel insurance and responsible travel. We can also offer post-trip extension options for those who wish to extend their trip. As a licensed ATOL-bonded travel tour operator, you can rest assured that when you work with us, you’re protected too.

Hopefully you can find the answers to all your questions on our website, but if you think we’ve missed anything or you’re ready to get started on your trip, please contact us now!

Rest assured we will support you every step of the way. The usual process is:

  • Contact us to discuss your ideas and we’ll get back to you with a quote.
  • Once we’ve agreed on an itinerary, dates and costs, you confirm you would like to offer this to your team.
  • We sign a letter of confirmation which outlines the above and our commitment to work together (financially risk free!).
  • We produce support materials and help you decide on a fundraising target for the trip (if applicable)
  • If you don’t have an existing group who are already committed to taking part, then you will need to promote the trip, with our guidance and support.
  • Bookings come in with the registration fee and fundraising assistance from you for each participant begins (if relevant).
  • Once the minimum number of bookings is achieved (we only require a minimum of 10 participants), we invoice you for the group deposit. At this stage flights are held and you continue to promote the trip and recruit additional participants.
  • The participants continue to raise money, with your support (if relevant).
  • You will be sent trip information documents at various points leading up to your departure. Flight e-tickets will be sent approx. 2 weeks before departure.
  • You and your colleagues depart for the trip of a lifetime!