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5 minutes with …. Paul MacDonald

September 1, 2023

Introducing …. Paul MacDonald, Tour Manager.  Paul was our Tour Manager on Everest Base Camp earlier in the year.

Paul MacDonaldPlease tell us a little bit about yourself

I retired from Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service in 2019 after 30 years service. Then went backpacking in South East Asia, travelling throughout six countries in three months. Volunteer with the Canal & River Trust as a Lock-Keeper along the Upper Lea Navigation. Obtained the Day Skippers sailing qualification in 2022. Enjoy cycling and walks in the countryside.

How long have you been with Different Travel? How did you get involved?

I joined Different Travel in 2020. My wife works for a hospice and they had used DT for fund-raising trips for several years and it was suggested that I would enjoy the Tour Manager role.

What was your first Different Travel trip? What made it special?

My first trip was to the Sahara. The part that made special was the night sky in the desert without light pollution, the full milky way was visible in all it’s glory. Of course the dunes and the camels were also magical parts of the trip.

What has been your most memorable Different Travel adventure to date?

The most memorable trip to date has been the journey through the Himalayan mountains to Everest Base Camp. An iconic destination that was worth all the effort and acclimatisation needed to reach the altitude required. Sometimes I had to stop and take in the view to appreciate where I was. Nepal has a beautiful culture and society rich with history.

If you could go on an adventure with three people (past or present, real or fictional) who would they be and why?

Charles Darwin. Voyaged aboard the HMS Beagle to the other side of the world in search of the evidence that become part of his theory of evolution.
Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. Was instrumental in the first successful summit of Mount Everest, a “tiger of the snow”.
Ferdinand Magellan. Masterminded the first trip from Europe to circumnavigate the world.

What is your ultimate dream destination?

Within the Artic Circle to see the magnificence of the Northern Lights.

Which Different Travel adventure appeals to you, and why?

Kilimanjaro. The ‘mountain of greatness’, A dormant volcano that is impressive in size, height and formation. The highest peak in Africa.

What do you love about working with Different Travel

The variation. No trip is ever the same. The destination and the journey are elements, but the companionship is just as important. Striving to achieve the objective as a group makes the adventures enjoyable.

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