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Top 7 travel tips – Things not to forget before you go

May 7, 2019

When you’re getting ready to go on a trip it feels like there are a thousand things to prepare. You’ve got your kit together, you know where your passport is, you know how you’re getting to the airport but why do you feel like you’re still forgetting something?

I have compiled my top 7 travel tips about things people leave to the last minute before travelling. Get ahead of the game and depart for your trip feeling relaxed and ready to take on anything.

  • 1. Check your camera memory cards and back up all your photos.
    This is particularly important for precious memories or irreplaceable shots. If your camera gets lost, broken or dropped down the loo (it happens!) old photos will be backed up at home. It’s also best to start your trip with plenty of memory card space for the tons of photos and video you will take.
  • 2. Trim your nails (fingers and toes).
    During active trips having talons for toes and needles for nails is not ideal. During your trip there may be limited access to shower facilities so you might have to rely on using baby wipes; keeping fingernails short reduces the amount of dirt and bacteria build up and minimises the risk of tummy troubles. Keep toenails trimmed too to reduce the chance of losing a nail or getting sore toes. Keep your feet in good condition and you’ll be a happy hiker.
  • 3. Don’t bring precious, sentimental or valuable jewellery or mementos.
    Leave sentimental, precious or valuable items at home so you don’t risk losing them. For instance, imagine the clasp on a necklace you’ve worn for years breaks and one day you realise it’s fallen off, or you leave behind a watch after you’ve stopped to reapply your sunscreen. The other reality of travel (albeit rare) is opportunist thieves target visitors wearing flashy jewellery or carrying expensive electronics.
  • 4. Update and refresh your music playlist.
    Take the time to update your music playlist with your latest faves. Download your favourite artist’s latest album, or create a motivational playlist that you know will keep you pumped for the trip! Having your favourite tunes to help you start the day in the right mindset, or to relax on a long flight is invaluable. Don’t forget to bring headphones (noise cancelling are best).
  • 5. Don’t forget earplugs!
    When you’re travelling to new places and perhaps undertaking challenging activities each day, having a good night’s rest is really important. You may discover a range of unfamiliar nocturnal noises for example dogs barking, cockerels crowing, camp crew clattering pots and pans, calls to prayer, or even hearing your team mates snoring! Earplugs block out the noise and help minimise the disruption.
  • 6. Charge camera batteries, power banks and GoPro batteries well in advance.
    It takes time to fully charge spare batteries and power banks. Start the process of charging your batteries a couple of days before departure to give yourself time to charge everything; you won’t want to miss out on that epic shot because you didn’t charge your batteries!
  • 7. Prepare all your paperwork and ensure you’ve got a pen.
    Prepare a folder containing your travel documents and bring a pen. You should include copies of travel insurance, passport, credit/debit cards, GHIC card, your pre-departure information, boarding pass or e-ticket and visa documentation etc. You should also bring a pen so you can complete any immigration form, landing card or customs forms. Your pre-departure information contains the details needed to complete your landing card, such as the hotel address in your destination.

Do you agree that these are the top 7 travel tips?
Have an amazing trip!


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