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Bluetits Pembrokeshire: Home of the Bluetits (wk2)

22nd Sep 2023 - 25th Sep 2023

22nd Sep 2023 - 25th Sep 2023
12th May 2023 - 15th May 2023
17th May 2024 - 20th May 2024

4 days/United Kingdom /Moderate


Spend the weekend enjoying Bluetitting on the stunning Pembrokeshire coast on this fun and inclusive cold water swimming adventure! This trip has been designed with the Bluetits Chill Swimmers to allow you to explore the impressive Welsh coastline both on dry land and at sea!

You will walk the world-famous Pembrokeshire coastal path with your local guide before enjoying a gentle dip in the sea each morning. There is also the chance to challenge your limits in a supportive group of Bluetits and perhaps even have a go at coasteering – an exhilarating and action-packed way to make your way across the coastline.

The Bluetits Chill Swimmers is a social enterprise committed to empowering an inclusive community of cold water dippers. They now have more than 100,000 Bluetits across the globe and are inviting you to join them at their Welsh home.

This trip has been graded as moderate, our lowest level of difficulty. You do not need to be a great swimmer or walker to take part in this adventure weekend. The Bluetit ethos is about encouraging people to enjoy the water, even if it is just dipping your toes in!

This is not a challenge, just a chance to meet some like-minded individuals for a fun weekend.

This trip has been graded as moderate for someone of good fitness. A Bluetit motto is ‘No Bluetit Left Behind!’ so what is most important is that you feel able to enjoy the weekend.

The walks will be along the undulating coastal path and will be a distance of no more than 3-4 miles. This will be at a gentle pace with plenty of time to rest and take in the views.

You will never be pressured to go out of your depth or beyond your comfort zone when it comes to swimming but you must be able to tread water in order to get the most out of the wild swimming adventure.

You do not need any experience of wild swimming to take part in this adventure weekend. It is advised that you know how to tread water to be able to get the most enjoyment out of the trip.

The weather in the UK is unpredictable and changeable so you must check the local weather forecast prior to arrival and pack accordingly.
Typically, days are warm(between 12-18°C) and nights are cooler (down to around 10°C). The sea temperature in September tends to be around 16°C but can feel much colder.

Please note it is possible to experience extreme deviations from the normal climate pattern and very cold conditions are not impossible. Climate and weather conditions during the trip are out of our control. It is extremely important that you take responsibility to prepare yourself for all weather conditions during this challenge.

Our qualified Bluetit swimming guides are very used to dipping with people new to cold water swimming, and will explain what to expect at every step. We encourage you to take part in ‘The Bluetit Chorus’, which involves plenty of singing, shouting and the odd swear word to help your breath to acclimatise to the cold. Only you know your body, and we advise that you take things easy and allow your body and mind to acclimatise to the cold gradually.

Coasteering comes from the combination of the words ‘coast’ and ‘mountaineering’ and involves rock climbing, scrambling, swimming and cliff jumping to traverse and explore the points where land meets the sea.

This unique and exhilarating activity will provide you with spots to jump, stretches to swim and plenty of caves to explore and waves to navigate.

Please note: This activity is optional and must be pre-booked at an additional cost. Coasteering equipment will be provided but please consult the full suggested kit list below.

Anyone aged 18+ can take part in the adventure weekend. You must have a good level of fitness, able to self-manage (e.g. you know how to keep hydrated, nourished, warm and dry) and be in good health. You will enjoy the weekend to the fullest if you enjoy being outdoors and want to gently challenge your limits with a supportive group of people. The Bluetit values are Trust, Fun and Inclusivity, and if you share these, you will love this holiday!

Please also note that all participants must be able to swim and tread water comfortably.

This challenge is accompanied by professional Bluetits swim tour guides who will offer expert instruction in techniques and supervise throughout the trip.

You will need to wear comfortable walking boots or sturdy trainers for the walking element of the weekend and we advise you to bring waterproofs given the inclement weather we can experience here in the UK.

Normal swimwear is adequate for swimming. Swim shoes, a tow float and brightly-coloured hat are compulsory.  Other swimming accessories, such as wet suits, rash vests, gloves, goggles etc., are not essential but may make you feel more comfortable.

If you choose to take part in the coasteering activity you will be provided with the equipment needed but we advise you to bring a pair of old, sturdy trainers and some shorts to wear over your wet suit. Wet suit boots or neoprene beach shoes are not appropriate.

You will also need to bring some dry clothes to change into after your swim. Your body temperature continues to cool for 20-30 minutes after you exit the water and warming up immediately is essential. Loose-fitting clothes, such as big fleecy pyjamas and oversized jumpers, are easier to put on with numb hands and fingers. A wooly hat and big gloves or mittens are also helpful.

Please see the full suggested kit list below.

We will be staying at a local bunk house close to the Bluetit HQ at Pencarnan Farm.

The site is within walking distance of St Davids and right in the heart of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park with direct access to the coast path and beach.

The bunks are set up in shared rooms across three barns with hot shower facilities and communal dining and lounge areas. There are also plug sockets in each room.

All meals will be provided as specified in the itinerary below.

You will be provided with packed lunches to take with you during the day.

If you have any dietary requirements you must inform us in advance.


Walking shoes, boots or trainers with a good grip
Tow float
Swimwear (recommend at least 3 costumes)Towel

Swim shoes
Brightly coloured swim or bobble hat

Underwear and socks
Non-cotton t-shirts / shirts
Non-cotton shorts / trousers
Non-cotton fleece / sweater / warm layer
Non-cotton base layer top and bottoms / thermals (for cold days or to sleep in)
Sunhat with brim, warm hat and sunglasses
Waterproof jacket
Waterproof trousers
Footwear to keep dry for the evenings
Walking poles (optional)

Accessories and luggage

Small rucksack
LED head torch with new batteries inside
Fast-dry travel towel
Toiletries (toothbrush*, toothpaste*, shower gel*, shampoo*, deodorant* etc.)
Portable battery pack for mobile phone (optional)
Camera (optional)

What to carry?

Mobile phone – fully charged
Wallet with cash and credit/debit card(s)
Hand sanitizer
Waterproof sunscreen (high SPF)
Small, basic first aid kit (pain killers, blister plasters, plasters, personal medication).
Consider antihistamine medicine for midge bites.
Mosquito/midge repellent (50% DEET repellent and/or Avon Skin So Soft Dry Oil Spray)
Feminine hygiene products*
Small pack of baby wipes (optional)

What food and drink do I need?

Water bottles to hold at least 2 litres of water
Thermos flask / mug plus hot refreshment items e.g. tea, coffee, hot chocolate (optional)

Optional extras for the swim

Rash vests
Ear plugs
Silicone hats/Bobble hats
Changing robes

What to bring for coasteering?

Old shorts (to wear over your wetsuit)
A sturdy pair of old trainers (NOT wetsuit boots or neoprene beach shoes)

You will be provided with the following for coasteering:

5mm winter wetsuit
Buoyancy aid
Wetsuit socks

Please note: This list is not exhaustive and does not account for your personal taste or preference. It should be used as a guideline only. If you have any questions or queries regarding this list which are not answered in the sections above please contact

*Please consider eco-friendly or biodegradable options.


Day 1 (Friday 22 September 2023):

St David’s Bunk Barns
Arrive at the bunkhouse in time to meet the group for dinner and introductions.
Meals: Dinner

Day 2 (Saturday 23 September 2023):

This morning you will set off on a walk to the coast with a local Bluetits guide. This will be no longer than 3 miles and will be at a gentle pace with plenty of time to stop and take in the view. You will spend the rest of the morning wild swimming. After lunch, you can either take part in the optional coasteering* session or explore the local area at your leisure.

After a fun-filled day you will return to camp to enjoy a takeaway dinner with your new friends.
Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner

*The coasteering element of the weekend is optional and at an additional cost. You will be taught techniques of how to scramble over the rocks, jump cliffs and explore caves under the guidance of local experts.

Day 3 (Sunday 24 September 2023):

Today we will head back to the shore for another morning of wild swimming. There are no great distances to cover and no pressure – just take a dip and have some fun in the water. There is some free time this afternoon where you can join a local Bluetits swim if you wish or explore Great Britain’s smallest city, St Davids.
Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner

Day 4 (Monday 25 September 2023):

You are free to check out of the bunkhouse at your leisure.

Meals: Breakfast.

Costs & How to pay

Registration fee: £95
and then…

Self-funded: £230


  • A registration fee is payable at the time of booking.
  • Trip cost balance is payable to Different Travel 8 weeks prior to departure.

Optional Coasteering: £tbc

  • You can spend the afternoon trying the exhilarating activity of coasteering
  • This must be pre-booked and paid for in advance.

What's included

  • 3 nights at the St David’s Bunkhouse
  • Meals as specified in the itinerary
  • Swim tour guides
  • Bluetit host

What's not included

  • Transport to/from the bunkhouse
  • Transport during trip
  • Personal expenses (e.g. tips, snacks or drinks bought locally etc.)
  • Tips
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal clothing and equipment (see kit list)

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