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Butterwick Hospice Care

Registered Charity No: 1044816

For almost four decades, Butterwick Hospice Care has supported local people and communities across our region.  We deliver our primary objective of holistic palliative and supportive care to those suffering with progressive life limiting conditions, their families and loved ones.   We provide an Adult Inpatient Unit, a Children and Young Adults Unit, Day Care Services,  Home Care Services, Complementary Therapy plus Bereavement and Counselling Services.


We know that life limiting illnesses are indiscriminate, have no boundaries of age, wealth or lifestyle. We witness the impact of our care, on the lives of individuals, their loved ones, family members and friends. As such, we believe our role is to help add life to days when adding days to life is no longer possible. We understand that death is part of life’s journey. We aim to improve the life of those who have a palliative or life limiting diagnosis and support them to have the best life possible in the time they have left. We work compassionately with family members, friends and anyone who is struggling to come to terms with loss and bereavement.


We believe that every moment counts and want to ensure that we can meet our commitment to the community and the people we serve, making every day the best it can be. No one ever wants to need our care but we want you to know we are here if you ever need us. We can only continue to care, for those individuals who need our special care and experienced understanding, thanks to the generous support from our wonderful community of volunteers, partners, donors, funders, shoppers, supporters and staff.  We are truly grateful for the support we receive.