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Charity representative and group representative resources

We’re delighted that you will be representing your charity, school, organisation or group on a Different Travel challenge.

This page is crammed full of information to support you throughout the challenge journey, from advice and tips on choosing a challenge, how to promote their Different Travel overseas challenge event and even how to prepare yourself for the trip if you are travelling with the team as a group representative.

If there is any information you’d like to see here which isn’t included, please let us know here!



Downloadable resources

Our comprehensive fundraising guide will help your supporters find new ideas on ways to raise funds for your charity.

Download it here.

Share these tips with your supporters to offer them support and advice on how to develop and maintain their fitness. This document also includes tips and hints for people who are short on time, don’t have easy access to hill walking regions and those who prefer to exercise at home instead of in a gym.

Download it here.

Download our free eBook packed with tips and hints on how to cope with working from home.

Download it here.

Please also check out our video discussion where we share our personal tips and hints.

Share these tips with your supporters to offer them support and advice on how to maintain their fitness during social distancing. These tips will also be useful for when the crisis ends and people have limited time to train.

Download it here.

Offer your supporters some advice on how to keep fundraising despite current social distancing rules. These tips will also be really helpful for future fundraising events.

Download it here.

Accompanying a trip? Find out more here.

The group representative role is an important part of the challenge team. A big part of this is the opportunity to engage directly with your team members, build relationships, talk about other opportunities and be a ‘face’ to the charity, organisation or brand.

Here are some useful tips on making the most of the group representative role:

  1. It is useful if the group representative gets involved with the team before departure at social meetings, training walks etc. This builds relationships and can often mean greater uptake in other events you have planned currently, or future challenge events.
  2. The actual role in-country will vary depending on the individual, their personality, trek experience and confidence amongst other things. Essentially the ideal group representative will be a supporting figure to the team, and an extra pair of eyes and ears for the Different Travel tour manager.
  3. During our years of experience we have found that every group representative has a different way of approaching the role – from completely hands off, to almost taking over the tour manager role (and everything in between). Our tour managers are excellent at gauging this and will work with the charity representative accordingly. Things to consider:
  4. During the challenge, the charity representative can help keep the team motivated, encourage them, and remind them about the reason they signed up when things get tough; “think about all the people benefiting from the funds you raised”.
  5. They can share information about the organisation, e.g. answering questions about how it is operated, how it’s funded, how much it costs to run X service, what other events are going on etc.
  6. On the first and final night it is nice for the group representative can say a few words to the team on behalf of the organisation. E.g. a few motivational words before starting and congratulatory words at the end, as well as reiterating the importance of their fundraising (if applicable). On fundraising trips, often on the last night the total figure fundraised to date is revealed to the team.
  7. The group representative is often a good person to spot interpersonal issues arising as they have started to get to know the team ahead of departure on training walks, social events and so on. If issues are uncovered, the group representative can bring this to the attention of the tour manager so it can be managed before it causes
    issues with group dynamics.
  8. Occasionally any grumbles the team members have will not be directed to the tour manager who can fix these, so solvable problems go unaddressed. If the group representative picks up on these they can feed this information to the tour manager so problems can be solved.
  9. To a certain extent the group representative will be involved in any important decision making that might arise, for example if the local guides and tour manager need to consider changing the trek route, or implementing emergency procedures, or rearranging room sharing to mitigate interpersonal issues etc. the group representative is likely to be involved in these discussions and potentially help make


We hope you found this useful. If you have any questions or queries please contact us.

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