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Fundraising ideas – Top 5 things you can do to raise money

August 21, 2023

Hooray! You have signed up for an exciting fundraising challenge. But where do you start? top 5 things to raise money

When faced with a seemingly huge target it is easy to become overwhelmed and concerned about hitting the goal. But with a bit of strategy and planning you should soon see those pounds come rolling in!

Planning fun events for your friends, family and colleagues to get involved in is one of the best ways to reach your fundraising target quickly and effectively rather than simply asking for sponsorship.

The charity you are supporting will be able to offer you lots of help and advice specific to your needs so use their expertise to support you. Here are our top 5 things you can do to raise money for your charity.

Arrange a BBQ, quiz and raffle night at your home or a local pub

Sell tickets for £13 which includes one item from the barbecue, a drink and entry to the quiz. Offer entry to a raffle at £2 per strip of tickets to round the cost up to an even £15. People pay a further £1 for every food item after that and further drinks are £2 each.
If you hold this event at a pub, why not keep it open to the general public and ensure you’ve got a collection bucket there too!
Standalone quizzes are also very popular and can be done on a regular basis, to include pub patrons as well as your own guests.

Lunch and coffee money

Why not make lunch for work instead of buying it and donate what you would normally spend to your fundraising total. If you are partial to a speciality coffee or hot chocolate, why not brew your own and bring it into work in a flask and donate what you save on hot beverages to your fund.

Cheese and wine or wine-tasting evening

Sell tickets for a fun wine-tasting or cheese and wine evening at your home. Some wine merchants offer this as a service in your home (e.g. Waitrose, A Grape Night In, Pieroth etc.). Also check Groupon for local deals.

Cycle or walk to work

Work from home, walk to work or cycle and put the money you would otherwise spend on transportation towards your fund – and reduce pollution at the same time!

Sell your items

Make use of a rainy weekend at home and have a Marie Kondo day, where you sort through your belongings and decide what you can give away or sell. List the items on various online market places such as Facebook, eBay, Vinted or Depop.

The secret to successful fundraising is to start early, make plans and consider the target in smaller, more manageable chunks and very soon you will see results and hit your target and maybe even surpass it! We hope some of these ideas will help you on your way.

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